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What is the accreditation?

The accreditation is the official recognition granted by the State to universities and superior educational institutions that have demonstrated to be committed with the continued progress of the academic quality.

This statement of accreditation has five years of validation that may be extendable by the process of evaluation revised by the accreditation commission. As the constitutional background of assembly of El Salvador, it states in the rules decree N522 from November 30, 1995, issued the superior education Law, published in the official book N236, issue N329 of December 20, 1995 in which it is promoted a reform in the area of the superior educational institutions, the national educational system establishes the minimum requirements of the operating system of the universities, to the ones the Universidad de Oriente focuses through the System of Supervision and Improvement of the Superior Educational Quality that consists of three subsystems: Qualification, Evaluation and Accreditation. The two first are mandatory while the last subsystem is voluntary.

The Commission on accreditation of the Superior Education Quality (CDA) is the official accrediting agency of the government of El Salvador that works independently as entity assigned to Ministry of Education (MINED). The accreditations granted by the commission of accreditation are the only accreditations officially recognized by the states through the Ministry of Education, under this rules already mentioned, only IES or accredited institutions by CDA will be able to take benefit of the incentives granted by the state according to the Law of superior education.

The Commission on accreditation of the Superior education quality (CDA) is integrated by seven members selected for four years; it elaborates a political frame for applying and advertises to the Minister. The members are academic, notarized, capable and honest. They do not represent any institution.

The CDA decides and applies the rules and procedures to the accreditation through endorsed information by MINED

Advantages of accreditation

  • To create new programs of study, without any previous authorization from Minister of Education, except masteries and doctoral degrees, specializations and the rest established in the article 64 of this law. In the establishment of careers it will be respected the minimum credit units from this law. The institutions should issue the curricula to the Minister of Education in order to it could be checked to its implementation.
  • To get support from state programs primarily, especially in the scientific research.
  • To be excluded from the processes of mandatory evaluation.

The Minister of Education (MINED) and the Commission on accreditation of Superior education grant to the Universidad de Oriente (UNIVO), the certification of ACCREDITED INSTITUTION from July 8, 2010 as a recognition of superior quality academic.

The Universidad de Oriente is the first accredited university in the east of El Salvador; exceling once again in leadership and vocational successful training; contributing to the social, economic and cultural development around the country. There are thirteen institutions of superior education in El Salvador including Universidad de Oriente.

Años de historia y experiencia nos dan la garantía como la mejor institución educativa de la Zona Oriental.

Nos rigen principios éticos y morales que permiten proyectarnos en las principales áreas de Docencia, Investigación y Proyección Social; con el fin de ofrecer la mejor oferta educativa en la Zona Oriental.

Se define como una síntesis diagnóstica y conceptual que permite fundamentar sus intencionalidades educativas para orientar con coherencia y pertinencia sus procesos formativos.

Reconocimiento oficial que otorga el Estado a Universidades e Instituciones de Educación Superior que han demostrado un compromiso con la mejora continúa de la Calidad Académica.

Esta entrada también está disponible en: esSpanish