Board of Directors - UNIVO
Universidad de Oriente
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Board of Directors

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Board of Directors
Board of Directors

Sitting in the chairs, from left to right are: Licenciada Jasmín Lisseth Cisneros Santín, Substitute Principal; Doctor Pedro Fausto Arieta Vega, Principal; Licenciado Héctor Antonio Pérez, President; Engineer César Augusto Navarrete, Vice-president; Doctor Mauricio Ramón Suárez Rosales, Attorney; Licenciado Manuel Alfredo  Paredes Bonilla, Owner Manager.


Wilfredo Araujo Quintanilla, Substitute Principal; Licenciado Ever Israel Martínez Reyes, Vice-chancellor; Licenciado Edgar José López Monterrosa, Owner Manager; Licenciado Juan Alberto Ulloa Zelaya, General Secretary; Licenciado David Lisandro Moreno, Owner Manager; Fernando Elías Alvarenga Director, Owner.


Prof. Julio César Umaña, Substitute Principal.

Years of history and experience give us the guarantee as the best educational institution in the Eastern Zone.

We are governed by ethical and moral principles that allow us to project ourselves in the main areas of Teaching, Research and Social Projection; In order to offer the best educational offer in the Eastern Zone.

It is defined as a diagnostic and conceptual synthesis that allows to base its educational intentions to guide with coherence and relevance its formative processes.

Official recognition granted by the State to Universities and Institutions of Higher Education that have demonstrated a commitment to the continuous improvement of Academic Quality.

Esta entrada también está disponible en: esSpanish