Associate in Computer’s Science

Associate in Computer’s Science 


Title to grant

Associate in Computer’s Science


2 years (4 semesters)

Number of subjects


Number of credit units

80 C.U.


Higher education is the highest goal of the educational system of the nation. It is organized to absorb those students who have won the right to pursue successive studies to high school and to offer the opportunity to prepare to be the guarantors of computing. During the academic training, the future Associate student will acquire a variety of skills that will enable him/her to be efficient and competitive. He will possess the ability to develop and manage systems, to evaluate projects, to have a great range of criteria and decision making, to analyze, to design and to have a well-founded logic to guide the right decisions in his area.
It is not enough to acquire a huge range of skills to succeed but also it is necessary to have a good attitude that complements the good role the practitioner should give.

Trained in the following criteria:
  • Knowledge of the inner workings of the parts of a computer.
    Knowledge of computers, the most important ones which are used in our environment.
  • Knowledge and application of techniques analysis, design and computer information structure.

Specialized professional with a solid theoretical and practical training of computer’s science, capable of facing the challenges that involve the country’s development, particularly in the Eastern Zone projects, and of integrating the productive work force in less time.


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Facultad de Ciencias Económicas: Tel. 26683700 extensión 3758
4ta Calle Poniente No. 705


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