Degree to be granted:

Bachelor in Law


5 years (10 semesters)

Number of subjects:  



200 credit units


They will be professionals with a great deal of knowledge about laws and reforms that affect the social, economic and political life of the country. Moreover, the professional will possess the capacity of conflict and problem solving which require an effective and fulfilled justice in the law state framework.

The professionals will be methodic, disciplined, identified and committed to their professional activity; capable of reflecting on and developing action alternatives whenever they need to perform in the ethical framework, which requires laws application.

They will be in charge of planning and promoting legal actions, gathering proofs for every judicial process; thus implementing feasible strategies against or in favor of it. In addition, they will be able to use scientific methodology in judicial investigation making use of logic, respecting and applying the law; aiming to comply with justice and harmony among law subjects. Their performance will be led by ethic.

The professional will be capable of serving as:

  • Prosecutor.
  • Administrator of the law, to solve legal complaints as a judge.
  • Judges of the Judicial Body.
  • Legal adviser of the public administration, different sectors of the central state body, local or autonomous governments and private companies.
  • Assistant of the Judicial Power, Ministry of Justice, General Attorney’s Offices, Prosecutor General of the Republic, and so on.
  • Diplomatic representation abroad either as Diplomat or as Commission’s Adviser.
  • Legal researcher.

Related positions of the profession:

  • Administering law and solving legal complaints as judge.
  • Judge of the judicial body.
  • Magistrate in public and private administration.
  • Own positions of the judicial sector such as: Ministry of Justice, prosecution offices, Prosecutor General of the Republic and others.

Cope with positions like diplomat representative abroad, either as a diplomat or as a Commissions’ Adviser abroad.


  • To apply the scientific method in legal researches.
  • To apply law to social action in order to promote harmony between subjects and rights.
  • To apply logic in all Judicial Procedures.
  • To always respect the law.
  • To act properly and promote justice.

Development of technical abilities to:

  • Plan and promote the Judicial Procedures properly.
  • Gather reliable evidence.
  • Be objective and fair in lawsuits.
  • Apply law based on the justice principles.
  • Investigate crime.
  • Advise in the judicial field.
  • Become a public speaker.
  • Be an excellent adversary, not an enemy.
  • Implement feasible strategies in advocacy.
  • Implement public speaking skills.
  • Planificar y promover adecuadamente procesos judiciales

Development of ethical attitudes and manners to:

  • Give solutions to social problems applying the law.
  • Be a fair and an honest professional.
  • Advise with ethics.
  • Be optimistic in clients´ advocacy.
  • Be considerate and encouraging to people.
  • Be fair in law application.
  • Promote law application.


Legal science is a discipline controlling the structure and the proper functioning of the state body and the legal affairs Law subjects. It is a basic requirement of an organized modern society where, every day, there is an uprising of human activities to coexist. Science and Technology bring along with them proper ways of social evolution and, at the same time, they require judicial support. It is crucial to open some space to Law action for it to prevail. Necessary formation of the ones who possess the vocation of justice and equity can be achieved only through Judicial Sciences.   

Through this career, the university attempts to form professionals who are capable of providing solutions based on justice and equity, applying law. They are expected to solve social demands that warn Law needs, norms, and judicial principles related to the historical moment the country in going through.

In addition, self-awareness and the Central American integration is highly supported through the areas of International Law.


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