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Standing from left to right.

Francisco Antonio Zuleta (Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture), Doctor José Luis Castro Cisneros (Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences), Yasmín Mabel Flores Fermán (Dean of the Faculty of Sciences and Humanities), José Rómulo Reyes (Dean of the Faculty of Legal Sciences), José Oscar Lozano Castro (Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences), Moises Edgardo Hernández (Dean of the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences).


Seated/Sitting from left to right.

Julio Cesar García (General Secretary), María Luisa Sevillano (Academic Vice-Chancellor), Doctor Pedro Fausto Arieta Vega (Rector), Ever Israel Martínez Reyes (General Vice-Chancellor), Ada Arely de Navarrete (Vice-Chancellor of Graduate School).

Institutional Philosophy


Our mission is to educate responsible professionals, competent and committed to the communal good of present and future generations in the eastern region of El Salvador, with attitudes and skills to enter productively into the national and international market.


To be the most prestigious university in the eastern region of El Salvador, recognized nationally and internationally for providing holistic and quality education.

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