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Consult the inventory of books, theses, documents and databases of scientific information on medicine, physics, chemistry, economics, education and other fields.

It is a platform for bundling of scientific and academic content in electronic format produced in the Ibero-American area, related to it in a broader cultural and social sense and geographically non-restrictive.

The UNAM Magazines portal of the National Autonomous University of Mexico is a catalogue of all the journals published in the different entities that make up this university.

It is an electronic library project, initiative of the Foundation for Research Support of the State of São Paulo, Brazil and the Latin American and Caribbean Center.

It is a publishing house which received its Royal Charter from Henry VIII in the year 1534, and is considered one of the two privileged publishers in England.

Since September 5th  2001, the Virtual Legal Library of the Institute of Legal Research of UNAM has made books, magazines and other materials available to students of law in full text and free access.

It is an academic project for the dissemination in open access of editorial scientific activity around the world, under a non profit model led by the academy.

Magazines of different biomedical specialties, with research works in full version at no cost.

Our platform is built on the iPublishCentral ecosystem, a constantly updating and improving model whose infrastructure is implemented quickly and tailored to each library.

The Wolters Kluwer Group operates in the Portuguese and Spanish market through Wolters Kluwer Spain, an organization made up of more than 800 professionals whose mission is the design, creation, production and marketing of holistic information, knowledge, training, publishing and software solutions intended to our clients in the legal, fiscal, financial, accounting / mercantile, human resources, education, public sector and health markets.

The Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library is a Spanish library that gathers Hispanic works on the Internet.

The Library was created in 1996, as a dependency of the Judicial Training School (ECJ). Specialized in the area of Legal and Related Sciences.

It is a Google service that searches for the full text of the books that Google scans, converts the text using optical character recognition, and stores them in its online database.

Google Scholar is a Google search engine focused and specialized in searching for content and scientific-academic bibliography.

The Dictionary of the Spanish language is a Spanish language dictionary edited and produced by the Royal Spanish Academy. The Academy itself also calls it “Usual Dictionary”.

The RTM digital library is an environment where 100% downloadable digitized materials are gathered in PDF format, with contents of the Aliat seal subjects created by teachers of this Institution, with ISBN records and updated under the Publisher Red Tercer Milenio.

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