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We offer 38 undergraduate majors including a Medical Doctor degree, Bachelor Degrees, engineering degrees, and Associate Degrees distributed in 6 schools.

School of Engineering and Architecture

The school offers the students community high-quality educational services in six fully updated undergraduate majors, which contribute to the growth and development of the Salvadoran society by training professionals with human sensitivity, basic ethical principles and high technical-scientific capacity.

School of Agricultural Sciences

We prepare professionals in the degrees of Agronomic Engineering and Veterinary Medicine with technical and scientific capabilities to respond to current challenges in the agricultural and animal health sector.

Law School

Our aim is to train future professionals with the necessary skills and abilities to solve the social, political, judicial and administrative problems of the Salvadoran population, responding to the different needs of today.

Business School

It is committed to training future professionals capable of managing and projecting companies to the competitive market by applying emerging technologies. In addition, we promote business and entrepreneurship practices in the real world so that students obtain the skills aimed at achieving business goals.

School of Arts and Sciences

It has an Academicsof 12 majors. The main function is to ensure the academic quality it offers, with an emphasis on innovation, research, entrepreneurship and outgoing social development.

Medical School

It aims for a comprehensive education, with scientific knowledge and the development of abilities and skills, which allow students to achieve the necessary competencies that are required at the national and regional level.

Requierements for admissions

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