Management of community service

UNIVO promotes socially responsible management and contributes to sustainable human development, mainly in the Eastern region of El Salvador and seeks cooperation between different actors in terms of strategic alliances, with a focus on actions that promote evolution, the creation of social capital generating an impact on society, contributing to economic and social development, involving students to form responsible, competent professionals committed to the communal good.

Action Strands

Economic and Social Development
Children, teenagers, and youths
Access to justice and culture of peace
Health and Well-being

Art and Athletics

Artistic Segments/Parties/Groups
• Rondalla
• Folklore dance
• Modern dance
• Marimba
• Andean band
• Youth Band
• Symphonic
• Theatre

• Chess
• karate Do
• Table tennis
• Swimming

Masculine and Feminine Sport Teams:
• Indoor Football
• Soccer
• Basketball
• Volleyball

0 Alliances with municipalities
0 Corporate partnerships
0 Community Service
0 Community projects
0 Institutional projects


Student Academic Aid


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