Competency-based education model

The Universidad de Oriente UNIVO adopts the EDUCATIONAL AND PEDAGOGICAL MODEL BY COMPETENCIES, which responds to aspects of pedagogical intent, formulated based on the current Mission and Vision of the institution, focused on actions of the Strategic Plan 2011-2015 and is framed in the Educational Curriculum: purposes, content, methodology, sequencing, resources and evaluation, as well as the Legal Foundation of the Superior Education Level and the National Education System, expectations of the third millennium, updated theoretical concepts and the Social Plan of the Ministry of Education of El Salvador.
Its general objective allows: to offer a coherent educational and pedagogical model, which guides in its institutional application and in all its processes, the training of highly competent, qualified professionals, with human sensitivity and solid ethical principles, capable of adapting in an agile, timely manner and pertinent to changes in technology, knowledge and communication; It is defined as a diagnostic and conceptual synthesis that allows the educational institution to base its most relevant educational intentions to guide its training processes with coherence and relevance in all careers. Its axis by competencies is focused on learning and its implications for the holistic education of the university student, since its main commitment is to train professionals who are upstanding, highly qualified and committed to a society in constant change. It is an updated formal system in its evolution, with axes of change, which in its characterization seeks the integration of conceptual, procedural and attitudinal learning, interrelating with other contemporary models, updateable competences, new teaching practices, curricular flexibility, educational administration, pedagogical/pedagogy of academic excellence; likewise, basic agents of the educational community with scientific knowledge to conserve, innovate, produce or recreate it within a socially, historically, geographically and culturally determined context.

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