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This school has the most conservative and demanded degrees in the Salvadoran and Latin American university area. As a human, historical and social phenomenon, Social and Legal Sciences are an instrument at the service of a person, thus establishing a framework for each social group, providing security for individuals, social groups and social organization; They are also in charge of organizing and regulating the functioning of the state, they fulfill an educational function and direct people to adopt behaviors considered socially good; and finally, they shape the person and society so that they are in harmony with the State.
El Salvador has taken significant steps in the consolidation of democracy and laying the fundamental foundations of the Constitutional, Social and Democratic State of Law, becoming one of the most strengthened States in the region, which is the reason why Universidad de Oriente UNIVO, demands the implementation of Legal Sciences and International Relations and Business as essential elements of State interaction with the National and International Society.


They have essential elements of state interaction with society, at national and international levels.
Our School offers degrees in Law and International Relations and Business, whose training is very comprehensive according to the curriculum approved by MINED, because it offers a solid theoretical and practical base in the areas of Law and international trade. Ethical and practical training is also an essential element in the training process, giving priority to a second language such as English, whose field of action is very broad in the work of the relations of the Member States of the United Nations; as well as in relationships between individuals and that are capable of facing challenges in the international arena. Since its inception, it has focused its work on providing its students with the best learning opportunities through holistic training that balances theory and practice, providing the tools and knowledge necessary to form legal criteria and practice the profession based on excellence and service, in a global context.

Lic. José Rómulo Reyes


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