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Legal Science is a discipline that regulates the structure and functioning of the subjects of Law; basic requirement of every modernly organized society where activities of human coexistence increase every day; sciences and technology bring with them their own forms of social evolution and demand legal support. It is necessary to give space to action where the Law prevails and the necessary training is achieved only through Legal Sciences for those who have the vocations of justice and equity.


  • Degree to be awarded:  Major in Legal Sciences
  • Duration: 5 years (10 semesters)
  • Number of courses: 50
  • Credits: 200
  • Lawyer of the Republic
  • Law administrator, resolve legal complaints as a Judge
  • Judicial Body Judges
  • Legal adviser to the public administration in the various sectors of the Central State apparatus, autonomous or local governments; similarly in private business
  • Collaborator of the justice sector, Ministry of Justice or of the different Prosecutors, Attorney General’s Office of the Republic, among others
  • Hold diplomatic representative positions abroad, either as a Diplomat or Commission Advisor
  • Legal Researcher

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