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We train professionals in the area of Nursing and Medicine through the development of skills and abilities. Strengthening the continuous improvement of medical sciences through applied research based on evidence and the execution of simulated practices in specialized laboratories, to contribute with the knowledge acquired in the clinical fields of the national health system; at different levels, both preventive and curative, without neglecting the practice of ethical and moral values in personal care.


Quality laboratories. Highly trained teachers. We guarantee a dynamic and advanced educational experience.
Our School projects to young students the major of Doctorate in Medicine and Nursing; that they are for the moment our biggest and only commitment that we are proud of; a training process of the highest academic quality and excellence. We have the most modern laboratories in the country: in Anatomy, Biology, Pharmacology, etc., which include humanoids, advance microscopes with a built-in camera that project the images to a screen where they can simultaneously be seen by the rest of the group of students; Anatomical pieces with a high level of shape and consistency very similar to human tissue. We wish to offer the eastern the best opportunity for Medical and Nursing training, inviting to join the ranks of future Medical Doctors and Nursing Professionals. The doors of our Institution are open for them and we look forward to serving them with the responsibility and commitment that as authorities of the school assists! Welcome young people to the best Training School for Health Professionals in the Eastern Region.

Dr. José Luis Castro Cisneros


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