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Medical School through the development of programmatic content; that will be taught by specialized teachers in the different areas of Nursing and Medicine, aim that the student can achieve during his/her major training aspects that will be essential for the care, treatment and diagnosis of patients in different hospitals and health units, etc. where they will provide the service to the entire community that requires it.


  • Degree to be awarded:  Associate’s Nursing Degree
  • Duration:4 years
  • Number of courses: 34
  • Credits: 177
  • Hospitals in the public and private sector network
  • School nursing
  • Laboratories
  • Companies in the industrial sector
  • Child Development Centers
  • Children care centers
  • Continue their specialized training in the Health area.
  • Coordination and development of health projects in NGOs
  • Insertion of work in foreign Health Organizations
  • Pharmaceutical inductance.

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