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Nursing students will have a programmatic content development; taught by specialized teachers in the areas of Medicine and Nursing; so that the students have a comprehensive training in their major, developing processes in the nursing services that society in general demands, such as the care, treatment and diagnosis of patients in the different hospitals and health units, to provide them with adequate attention to the community that needs it.


  • Degree to be awarded:  Bachelor’s Nursing Degree
  • Duration: 5 years
  • Number of courses: 39
  • Credits: 214
  • Establishment in Hospitals of the National Health Network: public and private sector, Salvadoran Social Security Institute
  • School nurse in educational centers, to promote health and prevent diseases
  • Non-governmental organizations, national and international NGOs investigating and coordinating the development of health projects
  • Institutions of Middle and Higher Education as a teacher in community education programs, training of nursing professionals and other members of the health team
  • Child Development Centers and childcare centers
  • Job placement in foreign health organizations
  • Independent professional practice: home care, organizing and directing your own health company, researcher and consultant.

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