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Doctor Pedro Arieta Vega

Welcome to Universidad de Oriente (UNIVO), founded in October 30th 1981, as an alternative of superior studies for the East community of El Salvador, which began its academic work in February 3rd 1982. Universidad de Oriente is an institution from society to society, it is integrated by personnel who provide counselling, foster, and support our pedagogical work identifying the educational opportunities in the region and providing all the necessary resources for its establishment, growth, and development.

UNIVO is currently a system with common parameters among which are prominent: its culture of responsibility and attachment to work, integrity and honesty, as well as innovation and entrepreneurship. Since its foundation, it has fostered in its students the culture of effort as a characteristic of their personal training and dedication to study as a premise to guarantee their professional success.


Doctor Pedro Arieta Vega

Rector de la Universidad de Oriente

Institutional Philosophy


Our mission is to educate responsible professionals, competent and committed to the communal good of present and future generations in the eastern region of El Salvador, with attitudes and skills to enter productively into the national and international market.


To be the most prestigious university in the eastern region of El Salvador, recognized nationally and internationally for providing quality education.

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