Convocatoria Ciclo 02-2021 Requisitos de Ingreso Inscribirme

Requirements for Admissions

  • High school Diploma, original and copy,if the Diploma was obtained abroad it must
    be legally incorporated by the Ministry of Education
  • Birth Certificate
  • ID copy
  • PAES results
  • Propaedeutic course

Additional requirements for enrollment by equivalences

  • Certification of grades from the previous university
  • Subjects to be awarded for equivalency
  • Pay fees to legalize equivalences

Teaching Degree

  • PAES results, equal to or greater than the national average grade
  • High school grade certificate
  • Mandatory admission course
  • Psychological Test

Nursing and PhD in Medicine

  • Police solvency
  • Criminal records
  • Psychological tests
  • Health tests (urine, feces, blood count, HIV test)
  • Medical record
  • Exclusively for Md studets, Thorax/Chest X rays
    • Rayos X de tórax


Enrollment$ 75.00
Administrative fees and Life insurance$25.00
1 to 3 Subjects$ 55.00
4 to 5 Subjects$ 75.00
Late payment fee$ 5.71
EnrollmentUS$ 150.00
Administrative fees and Life insuranceUS$ 60.00
1 to 5 SubjectsUS$ 200.00
Late payment feeUS$ 5.71

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