School of Agriculture

This school dedicates its efforts to training professionals in agricultural sciences. It has the exclusive Anchico Experimental Field to develop practical skills of each degree. In addition, the scientific basis is instilled in order for the professional to be able to carry out research with value and social focus.


You can acquire knowledge and tools that will allow you to transcend by improving animal health, food safety and processing, making designs and evaluations of sustainable agricultural production and training systems.
Our main objective is to train Agricultural Engineers, with the skills to manage and lead the agricultural production processes individually or interdisciplinary, under ethical principles, seeking comprehensive, sustainable, competitive and efficient management; In addition, the Major in Veterinary Medicine has been incorporated into our academic offer since 2003, which provides the scientific basis for new professionals, allowing them to know and understand the elements that influence animal diseases, facilitating promotion, prevention and treatment of animal health against the different problems that arise in the development of their field of work. In both careers, within the training process, research and social projection are carried out, with the main purpose of training professionals with high integrity and competence. For the learning of our students, there are teaching staff with recognized experience in the respective areas of training; teaching-learning practices that emerge from participatory methodologies are also developed, promoting the efficiency of training by facing the reality of the changing environment of the national and international agricultural sector.

Engineer Moisés Edgardo Hernández Rosales



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