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Our majors relate Psychology, English, Education, and Communications. The Faculty is identified with the institutional ideology so the research, innovation, and integrality work are the fundamental axes of all the activities and services it provides to the student community.
Its main function is to train professionals with a high spirit of integration, teamwork, leadership, good communication, critical, creative thinking and above all, a happy citizen, capable of adapting to change and proposing it.

Our Majors

Three decades of operation prove us that the social sense and the different abilities allow us to transcend in the professional, business and other fields; generating sociocultural and economic development in the region.
The School of Arts and Sciences contributes to the educational development of the country, leading the processes of multidisciplinary, comprehensive and permanent teacher training, we promote the integral development of human beings and we contribute to the description, explanation and solution of personal and social problems that encompass different theoretical and methodological conceptions within the field of Psychology. Likewise, we train specialists in foreign languages capable of reflexively assimilating the sociocultural dynamics of the globalized world, developing in students the communicative skills in a foreign language that facilitate the practices of comprehension, oral expression, interaction, interpretation of texts or discourses, and related cultural exchanges with the academic knowledge of the specialty. Professionals trained in the area of Communications are interested in knowing and understanding elements related to culture, arts, and communication, which allows them to contribute to creating reflective, critical, cultured spirits very committed to changes in the environment and social reality. On behalf of the authorities, the teaching community, the student community, I give you the warmest welcome, hoping that in the future you will become part of this community.

Licda. Yasmin Mabel Flores


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