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Communication as a science has in its object of study and work a very wide and complex field, the professional work of a communicator includes direct participation in the processes of human communication and particularly in those of collective and mass communication. The degree course in communications is conceived as a professional alternative to the demand for specialists that the current era requires. In this Degree the elements that the administrators require in the design of a Communications program are integrated, such as the production of the press, radio, television, product, price, distribution and promotion.

  • Degree to be awarded:  Bachelor’s Degree in Communications
  • Duration: 5 years (10 semesters)
  • Number of courses: 46
  • Credits: 184

The communication professional exercises the profession mainly in journalistic, publishing and radio broadcasting companies, in television production companies, advertising agencies, institutions related to the study of public opinion, various companies and institutions with departments of internal communication, public relations, analysis and informative synthesis. It also often collaborates with national and international news agencies, as well as press and communication offices, universities and institutions of secondary and higher education and research institute.

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