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Major Description

With the implementation of the Physical and Sports Education Teaching, the aim is to contribute to the initial training of teachers, generating in them the ability to guide learning processes in their practice and in the future, from a holistic vision of training with the projection of educating in skills that drive the development of society, from production to reproduction with improvements in stereotypes of development.

The University through the curriculum aims to educate future citizens in strategic administration and self-generation of employment, as a means to contribute to the development of society, in addition to an interest in promoting physical education with attention to diversity so that all people exercise their right to comprehensive education, regardless of their race, sex, ideology, religion, political creed, abilities and origin.

  • Degree to be awarded:  Teaching Degree in Physical and Sports Education
  • Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)
  • Number of courses: 28
  • Credits: 122
  • Organize sporting and recreational events by linking them to the prescribed curriculum.
  • Support the physical and mental health of the students, using cooperative and collaborative methodologies in the execution of Physical Education programs and other activities.
  • Act with professional ethics and commitment with students, colleagues, bosses and parents, to guarantee harmonious relationships.
  • Analyze the social reality of the country focusing on problems related to health, recreation, and the use of free time to promote solution proposals.
  • Evidence of the role articulated with the school organization to promote institutional development.
  • Interest in permanent research in the sciences related to physical activity and in specific fields, as a way of ensuring high levels of professional competence, to respond with greater belonging to the demands of society.

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