Structural Engineering Degree

Structural Engineering Degree


Title: Structural Engineer.

Time: 5 years (10 semesters).

Assignments: 45.

Credit units: 180.


The professional profile is constituted by the next competences: generals, basics and specialty.

  • General profile:
  • Professional communication of oral and written ideas.
  • Continuous actualization of knowledge.
  • Competence in the use of information and communication technologies (ICT’S).
  • Understanding of texts and technical vocabulary related to the degree, written or spoken in English.
  • Making decisions with technical and professional principles.
  • Practice of values for civil engagement.
  • Developing of new knowledge.
  • Development of engineering and environment for equal.
  • Basic profile
  • Drawing of bidimensional graphics in order to build structures.
  • Description of the development of professional engineering in society.
  • Developing of the capacity of the solutions of inequalities, algebraic graphics functions, logarithmic, exponentials, and trigonometric, the conical sections and their different representations, matrix and determiners
  • Developing of the capacity of finding limits of algebraic expressions, derivate from algebraic expressions, logarithmic, exponential and trigonometric, integral and their application to different mathematics models.
  • Applying correctly Newton’s laws in the solution of engineering problems.
  • Calculating region areas, volume of solids in rectangular coordinates, polar, vectors, blueprints equations, rights and surfaces in the space.
  • Applying concepts of differential and integral calculus in variables and concepts of differential equations.
  • Applying correctly the laws of Coulomb, Ohm, Kirchhoff, Gauss and Ampere in the solution of engineering problems.
  • Using of statistics tools.
  • Specialty profile
  • Analyzing problems and requirements of the value chain.
  • Applying the administration process.
  • Processing countable information related to income, outcome, net worth, costs, spendings and earnings.
  • Supporting to the specialist in areas such as marketing, business and tourism.
  • Applying policy, specifications, codes, manuals, blueprints and diagrams of hardware and software.
  • Applying mathematics models as in national and international transactions, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of credit cards, term loans, and deferring.
  • Manage strategic technology of the organization.
  • Applying the probabilities for sample calculations Quality analysis of products produced by companies.
  • Managing the development of people in organizations.
  • Managing the processes of the Organization.
  • Analyzing management concepts and their computational support, identifying elements of decision making and the concept of multidimensional.
  • Managing production according to market requirements and the capacity of the company.
  • Managing business functions of the company.
  • Describing the technique of simulation: the formulation, construction, experimentation and validation of models to be used in the optimization of industrial processes.
  • Managing the quality system for the satisfaction of customer requirements.
  • Managing projects to optimize resources.
  • Evaluating diverse solutions of environmental protection enterprise, as much from an ecological point of view as economic of the production of product.
  • Managing the maintenance system in an industrial company.

Working areas:

  • Media Manager
  • Manager of Hygiene and Occupational Health
  • plant manager
  • Production Manager or Operations Manager
  • Logistics Management
  • quality management
  • Project Management
  • University teacher.


Semester I

  • Drawing and projective geometry
  • Mathematic I
  • Informatic
  • Nacional reality

Semester II

  • Working engineering
  • Mathematic II
  • Physic
  • English
  • Administration and management

Semester III

  • Financial accounting
  • Statistics
  • Marketing
  • Industrial costs
  • Industrial organization technique

Semester IV

    • Computer aided processing
  • Production management
  • Project management
  • Integrated production systems
  • Elective technique

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